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February 03, 2012

Change to Membership Dues

Beginning July 1, 2012, the annual dues for regular (Full or Associate) members will be lowered from $95 to $90 ($USD). All other dues rates remained the same.

Change to American Scientist

Dues-paying members will receive a digital version of American Scientist rather than a print edition, beginning with the July-August 2012 issue.

Canadian active members who wish to receive the paper edition may subscribe separately at the member-discounted annual rate of $20 + $8 postage ($USD). Details for subscribing will be included in your May-June issue of American Scientist-as well as through other member communications. Other information regarding American Scientist are listed below.

We hope you will continue to be a member of our chapter so that we can continue the Society’s mission to facilitate public understanding of science, enhance the health of the research enterprise and engage in transformational education.

Additional information regarding American Scientist

[ We'd like to thank Heather Marshall from the University of Ottawa chapter of Sigma Xi for sending and permitting us to use the following information. ]

Q1: Will you assure members they may choose which email messages or services they wish to receive?
Members may select to receive the digital issue through their email—but not to receive e-blasts from the Society and/or their chapters list serves.

Q2: Does Sigma Xi rent out our email addresses?
We do not rent out emails lists.

Q3:When you have collected new email addresses from existing members, will you enroll these members in ResearchGATE?
There are no plans to share your emails with ResearchGATE.

Q4: What will be the cost of a paper subscription for a Chapter’s use or as a gift paper subscription?
The annual cost in both cases will be $20 + $8 postage.

Q5: What will be the cost of a gift subscription purchased by a member?
For a paper subscription: The annual cost is $25 + 8 postage for Canadian recipients and $25 + 16 postage for foreign recipients.
For a digital subscription: The annual cost is $25. There are no postal charges and the cost is the same regardless of where the recipient lives.

Q6: What will be the cost of a subscription purchased by a non-member?
For a paper subscription: The annual cost is $28 + $8 for postage in Canada and $28 + $16 postage  other foreign addresses.
For a digital subscription: The annual cost is $28 , There are no postal charges and the cost is the same regardless of where the recipient lives.

Q7: What other privileges does a gift or non-member paper subscriber get?
If they register on the website, they receive access to all of the articles on the website. However, the non-member subscriber must pay $5 for each PDF download of an article from the website. Members can download PDFs of the articles at no cost.

Q8. Are there other options for non-members regarding American Scientist?
Yes. American Scientist is available on many newsstands and bookstores for $4.95 per issue within Canada and the U.S. This price will be increasing with the January-February 2013 issue to $5.95 for both Canada and the U.S.

Chapter News

Changes to membership dues and Scientific American. {this page]

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