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Becoming a Member

Full, Associate, and Student Membership

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Joining Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi is an international honor society dedicated to the encouragement of research in the pure and applied sciences.

Becoming a Member

Full and Associate membership is by nomination. These types of memberships are described below..

Full and Associate Membership

Information provided here (regarding the criteria for membership) is paraphrased from the appropriate sections of the Sigma Xi Constitution and Bylaws. Membership in the Society is not linked to the possession of any degree or contingent upon belonging to some other organization.

Active membership in Sigma Xi requires the payment of annual dues and other fees.

Application for membership can be made through a Sigma Xi chapter (like the U of T one) or directly through Sigma Xi (in which case you become a member-at-large). Qualifications for membership do not depend on the application route. This website focuses on applying through this chapter. To apply directly through Sigma Xi, visit their website.

Full Membership is conferred upon any individual who has shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure or applied science or engineering. This noteworthy achievement must be evidenced by publication as the primary author (defined in the manner appropriate to the discipline) on at least two different articles published in a refereed journal, patents, or refereed monographs. Dissertations and theses alone are not considered sufficient for demonstration of this achievement and must be accompanied by at least two other publications. - See more at:

Full Members enjoy participating in ways that are unavailable to Associate Members (see below). Full Member privileges include:

  • Able to nominate others to the Society
  • Eligible to vote at Sigma Xi's annual Assembly of Delegates
  • Voting rights on Sigma Xi committees
  • Qualified to join the Board of Directors

Associate Membership is available to any individual who has, through initial research achievement in a field of pure or applied science, shown an aptitude for research. The individual is expected to later achieve the requirements for Full Membership. Nominators are attesting to the nominee's potential to be promoted to Full Membership in the future. Associate Membership is offered to encourage young investigators with promise to continue careers in research. See more at:

Promotion to Full Membership is conferred upon any individual who, previously elected as an Associate Member, now meets the requirements for Full Membership as stated above.

Dues and Fees for Full and Associate

To maintain active membership in Sigma Xi, you must pay certain fees and annual dues. An up-to-date schedule can be found on the Sigma Xi website..

There is also small annual chapter dues to defray the cost of U of T chapter expenses.

Sigma Xi headquarters collects the appropriate dues and fees. There are several payment options. See their website for details.

The membership period is July 1 through June 30 of each year.

American Scientist, the official publication of Sigma Xi. A digital version is included in the membership dues. it can also be obtained in printed form for an additional fee.This amount is not deductible from annual membership dues. More information on the American Scientist (including how to subscribe) is available here.

Application Form for Full and Associate Membership

The application form (see below) may be completed by the nominator OR the nominee.

The application requires two nominators. Both nominators must be Full or Associate Members of Sigma Xi.

To locate a Full Member in the U of T chapter, contact any chapter officer. If you are applying through the U of T chapter, submit the form to any chapter officer. Chapter officers will notify the nominee if additional materials are required

The application form for Full and Associate membershio is available from the Sigma Xi website sin two formats: Word and PDF. The second page of the form has detailed information about member type and nomination requirements.